Last European Tour competition 2011 At Rapallo, Italy (Read raport >>)

Last European tour competition was played in Italy, Rapallo on October 10-12.

The weather was exellent and whole tournament was aranged perfectly like they do often in Italy. Johannes Siikonen was only Finn taking part of competition, so story is written his point of view:

Second Day

It was little bit cloudy on morning. It was still quite warm and no windy at all. Scoring average during day was better than day before. Unfortunatelly my round was over after first hole. Score (9) on par 4 didn’t let me do any other mistakes, and even though my first nine was one store better than day before, second nine finnish (double-double-trible) didn’t made my day. Score 102 is worst round for me this year.

Prizegiving seremony were exellent and party afterwards were legendary like they always are in Italy. ūüôā Thanks for everyone who helped me during-before-and after competition and let’s hope that next time there’s a finn once again on podium.

First Day

Sunny warm day at Italy. First nine, not good (55), Second nine much better (42) It was ups and downs but this second nine gives me hope for tomorrow. I feel i still can play.

One unfortanelly insident happend to my friend Jeroen Coumou from Holland. He played exellent first round (handicap 17) Score was 89. Last hole he made bogey (4). His marker, old Italian guy marked 4 on a card and score below that was correct 89, but referees decision was disqualify him because referees opinion was that there wasn’t written correctly number 4 on last hole score. Only 25 people saw Jeroen doing bogey on a last hole. Pity. You should always be careful what’s on your scorecard. Still i think referees decicion wasn’t with spirit of the game. People are disabled and unfortunatelly that effects many things.

Practice day

Where’s my caddie? Where’s the tii today? Water? Yes? No? Ok, let’s go, we should be tii off 5 minutes ago. So yes we were in Italy. Some things works extremely good and then some Aren’t so simple than you could think. But it really doesn’t matter. More important thing is to realize that and just enjoy athmosphere around you. This is Italy and this is Rapallo. One of the oldest golf courses in Italy. And all this makes this whole thing so exited. Hitting was ok, driving not. Some improvements have to do for competition. I Feel good, let’s see what happens. Course is short, but extremely difficult. Greens are like stamps, small and so fast.

Here’s some photos from tournament. More you can find from gallery: